Lady Muck of Whitstable – Beautiful & Unique Jewellery

IMG_0964 IMG_0966 IMG_0965 IMG_0974

Necklace and Earrings : C/O Lady Muck of Whitstable

If unique and original jewellery pieces are your kind of thing, then you really do need to head to Lady Muck of Whitstables website.

 Although I really really love jewellery, I never tend to buy any as I always seem to stick to same three necklaces, all of which were left to be by my wonderful Grandmother. I love statement necklaces however and was desperately in need of something new to transform my outfits, which was certainly what this beautiful little green set did!  We’ve seen leaves on the high street on dresses and tops, and what this set proves is that it’s not just for clothing! It is most definitely original and SO many people have commented on it saying how cute it is! Whilst leaves are the last things that I thought would add a pop of colour to my abundances of plain t-shirts, this amazing necklace certainly does the trick.

Luckily for you lot, I have a little discount for this amazing website!  To get 25% off your entire order, use discount code TAYLOR13 at checkout  until 12am on 03/09/13! So go get shopping.

Here are some of the faaaaaaabulous pieces that you can ( and should) snap up! I am in LOVE with the Honeycomb and Bee necklace, but am still slightly traumatized after a wasp sting last week ( IT’S STILL SO ITCHY) so might have to build myself up before purchasing that little gem ha ha.

xoxo T


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