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Despite being called ‘the black sheep’ whenever I wear this fluffy little number (thank you baker), I still absolutely love it. Anything soft and fluffy is always a must and when I spotted this in the Dotti sale last year, I knew we’d be leaving together. I love this jumper because its short sleeved, which makes a stark change from my other fluffy items, which I admit sometimes make me look like a great big ball of fuzz. This one is balanced out however by this gorgeous knitted ASOS skirt, which has the cutest petal detail around the bottom.

As soon as I saw the skirt on their ‘new in’ section, my card was out and the conformation email was sent through in the blink of an eye. As I’m saving though, I couldn’t go all out and buy the matching knitted jumper ( you can imagine how much that killed me) but it’s such a beautiful skirt that any top could go with it and look stunning!

OK, I did actually buy a bright pink cami top to pair with it, which looks charming, but feels absolutely freezing. I was yearning after summer a little too much and so the cami is staying tucked away for a few more weeks, judging by today’s glum weather at least.

Top : Dotti (similar here)
Skirt : ASOS
Heels  : Missguided
Bag : Chloe Replica (Turkey)

xoxo T



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Denim and utility, two awesome trends that are combined in this outfit. I’m a little bit obsessed with shopping and asos at the moment, a wonderful (and dangerous) pairing, which is where I found this dreamy little outfit. The styling on there is more amazing than ever at the moment, and I’m taking full advantage of it! My wardrobe is filled with denim shorts and denim jeans, so it was a pleasant surprise to see denim skirts fill the shops ready for Spring/Summer 15, and denim pencil skirts are just even better! I can most definitely see one of the Kardashians wearing this ( Kim or Kylie?), which is probably why I chose it… part of my quest to become one of them, sigh. Nevertheless, what hit me when taking these snaps is that my holiday tan has now 100% left me, are my poor legs are becoming casper-ish. Time to add some fake tan to my shopping list, any recommendations?

Top : new look
Skirt : ASOS
Coat : Next (similar here)
Shoes : forever 21
Sunglasses : ebay
Clutch : mums

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A week in FASHION 16/07

Being the fickle fiend that I am, I’ve decided that instead of writing about the fashion news that everyone is buzzing about each week, I’ll choose what fashion news has got me buzzing. A little more personal, and still rather informative don’t cha think?




For over a year, there have been talks of our favourite on screen star, Blake Lively, starting her own blog/website (and we’ve all been religiously checking the internet in desperate hope that some news will appear on the matter.) Well eventually it has – YES , I believe we’re all shouting. Her website, named Preserve, is said to be focussing on art and unique pieces, of which you will be able to purchase. Want to hear some even more exciting news? The blog will also be a host to videos, videos which contain Blake herself – hoorah. I particularly like a quote from Vogue in which she said regarding the blog, “There’s nothing like it out there – it’s without a genre.” As different and exciting as it sounds, I for one would love to see a style blog from Miss Lively. Or even a hair blog – are you with me?! Preserve hits the web on july 23rd – get ready gals!

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The week in FASHION 29/06

Until I get back into the swing of my style posts, I’ve decided to start doing a weekly post containing a round up of the fabulous fashiony things that have happened in the week. Just incase any of you have been swamped with work, hiding in a bubble or haven’t had time to check the web (although I highly doubt the latter), here are the top five things making headlines in the fashion world this week.

1) A COLLECTION WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR Screen shot 2014-06-29 at 15.20.07

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Salvo Style

Whilst talking about blogging to my friend the other day, whinging about the fact that my funds have led to less and less style posts, she asked if I had done a ‘ Salvo Style’ one, as it’s where we now buy most of our essentials. For those of you not ‘in the know’, Salvo is our abbreviation for the Salvation Army op shop, charity shop, second hand shop; whatever you like to call it. My answer was no, but her question got me thinking about charity shops and why more of us should be visiting them.

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Labels down under

Since heading across the pond to New Zealand my clothes buying sprees have most definitely come to a holt ( and the majority of my outfits now consist of charity shop items) but HEY – it doesn’t mean that I can’t window shop – on a regular basis. Back at home, I tend to stick to what I know. When looking for a new outfit, I frequent the same circuit – Topshop, Zara, H&M and Asos. But little did I now before hopping on a plane of all the amazing brands out there – especially over this side of the world.

As small as it is, NZ have some pretty amazing labels selling styles and designs that we don’t tend to see at home in the UK. Similarly, as you’ve probably street on street style posts from Australia, Aussie clothing labels are HOT. As I haven’t got around to doing an outfit post in forever (I’m not quite sure you want to see me rocking thermals and hiking boots)I’ve decided to do a post on some cool ass labels from over here that you may not have heard of. I’m  pretty sure most of them do international shipping, so if you’ve got a special occasion coming up or you just want to treat yourself ; check out these babies!!

1) Cameo.(AU) Cameo combines laid back daywear with classy chic evening attire. I absolutely love their low v- necks and thin curving shoulder straps. Their outfits inspire a cocktail night a la Carrie Bradshaw – dreamy!

Alone Tonight Dress $199.95 AUD /  The Finale Bustier – $99.95 AUD & Level Maxi Skirt – $159.95 AU

Screen shot 2014-06-13 at 09.33.35Screen shot 2014-06-13 at 09.34.21

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All white everything / Farewell Russell

all white.jpg all white 3.jpg all white 4.jpg all white 2 all white 5.jpg all white 6.jpg

Dress : Glassons  / Shoes : Ebay   / Sunglasses : Chanel   / Bag : Turkey

Yippppeeeeee my shoes have arrived *claps hands*. I bought this dress in early february in the Glassons sale and purchased the shoes a week later thinking up an outfit post in my head ( as us bloggers do.) Due to a majorly slooooow delivery service, the shoes only arrived this week, delaying my pre-planned post! Better late than never though ey? especially as I’ve been wanting this style of shoe since it made it’s debut a couple of months ago. I was in two minds when purchasing them whether to go for white or black, but I’m rather happy with my choice.  I don’t care if it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter – white looks sweet as ( yep, I’m trying to squeeze in some NZ lingo.) Although I’ve teamed it with ‘ all white evrythang’, you can wear white with practically every colour , making it the perfect go-to choice. Black has pretty much the same appeal, but whatever.

Moving on, although this is primarily an outfit post, I’m also using it to give a little update on mine and Stefans travels. After about two/three weeks of travelling around the Coramandel Peninsular in January, we headed to the north of New Zealand to a beautiful little town called Russell. Looking back, it was an odd choice, seeing as all of the backpackers/tourists tend to go to Paihia, which is just across the water. Russell is quite the opposite of where’d you’d expect backpackers to go, shying away from the hustle of bustle and instead being the cutest little place you could imagine, right on the waters edge – and I’m so glad we chose it. We found a ‘ work for accomdation’ job two days later, and moved in Orongo Bay Holiday Park where we did two hours of weeding a day ( those dandelion are little buggers!) in exchange for free camping. It turned out to be a pretty sweet deal as the work was easy enough and we met a fantabulous couple, Emma and Mark. A week later, we had another stroke of luck and found work in The Duke of Marlborough Reastaurant/Hotel – which is actually pretty famous in New Zealand. Working and camping got too much for me after two weeks (Where was I supposed to hang my clothes?!) and so we asked around and secured a room with the marvellous Cathy ( who works at the Duke), her husband Greg and their cutsie dog, Shadow. It will be our last day tomorrow ( Friday 21st), and as much as I’m excited to get back on the road again and explore, I’m also pretty darn sad to be leaving all of the lovely friends we’ve made here. Booooo. Nevertheless, I’m positive we’ll meet up again at some time soon.

If anyone reading this is heading to New Zealand in the near future, you MUST go to Russell, you MUST eat at The Duke ( it’s literally the nicest food I have ever tasted, along with amazing staff of course) and if you want to do a tour around the area or up to Cape Reinga ( another must do) I couldn’t reccomend enough Greg who owns Kororareka Coastal Tours, just look at the feedback on their website – superb!

As we’re moving out of our place on Monday and getting back to the simple (camping) life, I’m not too sure how often we’ll get internet and so how often I’ll be able to post which SUCKS but hopefully it won’t be too long.

Lots of love to my family and friendies – I’m missing you all tons and tons.

xoxo T