Let’s get drunk on the mini bar

IMG_2783 IMG_2784 IMG_2786 IMG_2787

Top : Op shop   /   Trousers : AQ/AQ   /   Boots : Topshop   /   Sunglasses : Ebay

Once again, this outfit celebrates the wonder that is the’ Op shop’, for the top half anyway. I have previously mentioned the excellent garments to be found in New Zealands Charity Shops, and my theory has been proven true again. Stefan was looking for a belt (there are no clothes shops in Russell so it was proving difficult), so I suggested that he visit the Op shop. I myself hadn’t been there, but a few people from work had told me that they had found some cool bits in there etc etc. As we had a day off, we took a stroll into town and popped in for a gander – just at the right time it seemed – as they had an offer on of $5 for a bag of clothes. THAT’S £2.50 FOR A BAG OF STUFF. Being a lover of clothes (obv), my eyes lit up and I sped around the shop picking up anything patterned, fluffy and oversized. As a huge fan of checkered print, this top caught my eye immidietely. It was supposed to be part of a suit set with a skirt, which I would have LOVED if it wasn’t too big, but the cute ladies at the shop let me just purchase the top. As Autumn has officially began in New Zealand, this top is perfect season crossover attire. To much surprise, Stefan ended up getting way more clothes than me and even scooped up some designer labels, score!

xoxo T



IMG_2636 IMG_2645 IMG_2629 IMG_2641 IMG_2638


Shirt & Shorts : Glassons
Shoes : Office
Sunglasses & Necklace : Primark
Headband : ASOS (gift)

Firstly, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! Although I most definitely believe that valentines is a waste-of-time holiday that is just another excuse for cards and presents, I absolutely adore cards and presents (especially when I’m receiving and not giving he he) so I am someone who likes to ‘celebrate’ it and do something fun. Whilst year was a brilliant one, spent having a takeaway in Liverpool with Stefan and then heading out to town with Scarletto and Sophie, I never would have imaged that a year later, I would be on the other side of the world, in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Although I had work this morning ( but not really work work as  I was  just setting the room up for a wedding which was exciting) as soon as I finished, Stef came to meet me and we went to the beach to utilize stefan’s valentines present which was a fishing rod! To all people who have thought about buying a fishing rod for their lover- I advise you NOT to.Why, I hear you ask? 1) Males become angry when they can’t set the fishing rod up properly (because they forgot the instructions obv) 2) They become angry when they can’t catch any fish and that becomes your fault (especially when they nearly have one but it falls off) 3) When they do finally catch one, they won’t give you a turn because ‘they’re the only ones who can do it.’ ha ha That being said, it was actually a really fun day AND I caught one!! We had to throw it back in because it was too small (boo) but I was still very smug. GIRL POWER

So, my present to Stefan this year was a fishing rod and Stefs present to me was ….this extremely cute two piece! I really am in love. I disovered Glassons in Auckland when we arrived here and had eyed up a few stunning pieces, but I stopped myself from buying them ( as well as several other fabulous clothes and shoes) as we’re travelling and need to save our money ( blah blah blah.) But last week, Glassons released their new edt collection – edt2, from which this gorgeous outfit hails from, and having seen it online – and leaving the page up so that when Stef logged in he would see it too(hint hint)-it arrived at our door. He really is the best. In their lookbook , Glassons describe the collection as ” eclectically ranging from girl, tomboy, grown-up and in between” – and that’s exactly what this shirt and shorts are. The shark print reminds me of my childhood whilst the beautiful pale pink is glamorous. It’s something I imagine Wendy Darling would wear in 2014.

Happy Valentines day!

xoxo T

Agyness Deyn to launch fashion label – Title A

Her style is undeniably unique and cool  and is definitely one that when you see an item of clothing in a shop or online that is tailored to perfection and a little masculine – you imagine it modelled on Miss Deyn.

I was a huge fan of her collaboration with Dr.Marten – although not fast enough to purchase anything ( especially those dreamy boots) – but if that collaboration was anything to go by, then I am very much looking forward to seeing her label.

Being a supermodel most certainly has it’s advantages, as with an abundance of experience in the fashion industry, and being besties with designer Henry Holland,  Agness knows how fashion and indeed clothes work, and with her ever edgy spin on things, I predict big things for the label, Title A.

You will be able to purchase items from titlea.com from March this year, but for now, lets take a look at some of Agness Deyn’s best fashion moments –

xoxo T

New Zealand

There has been a serious lack of blogging on my part lately, as, if you didn’t know, Stefan and  I are travelling/working in New Zealand for 12 months. We have only been here for 2 and a half weeks ( although it feels like much much longer) and already I have fallen head over heels in love with the country. The combination of beautiful golden beaches, luscious forests & greenery and some of the nicest people I have ever met, make it just perfect!

1559370_10153667791375313_460633780_o IMG_2516Top : Gift ( not too sure where it’s from)
Shorts : Topshop
Sunglasses : Ebay
Location : Surf beach, Mangawhai

This picture was taken in surfers beach in Mangawhai heads and had some of the clearest water I have ever seen! Along with the stunning scenery, this t-shirt is my favourite item of clothing that I have brought me. It was bought for me by my fantabulous friend Abi and it’s my style down to a t! I bought a similar one from India last summer, but Stefan lost it about 2 weeks later, and I always used to go on how much I missed it, so was super duper delighted to receive this beautiful gift – thank you!

New Zealand fashion is just like I imagined; cool, laid-back, understated and a kind of opposite style completely to the UK. Although the fact that it’s summer here and shorts are the only thing the temperature allows may play a  small part in it. That being said, I haven’t yet seen anyone parading around in hot pants with bums out like you do at home (even I shamefully own some) instead everyone seems to wear really cute longish floral ones with little tassels on the bottom – I really need to get myself a pair. I’m pretty excited to head to Wellington in a couple of months to see what the fashion is  like there as from what I’ve heard it sounds like a pretty cool city.

Another thing that New Zealand excel in when it comes to fashion is second hand stores. I’ve already picked up a few bargains which I’ll show you in my next post.

Stef and I are hoping to set up our own blog soon to keep friends and families informed and up to date with our travels and job search, as well to give some helpful tips and information ( and important lessons we have learned so far!!!) to prospective New Zealand travellers, so as soon as we get it going, I’ll get the link posted on here.

Family and friendies, we are missing you lots and lots!

xoxo T

Double Denim

_MG_8748 _MG_8751 _MG_8753 IMG_8756


Jacket : Pop Boutique (from their Liverpool store)
T-shirt : Pray for Paris
Jeans : Topshop
Shoes : Kurt Geiger

Good afternoon lovelies! How are we all?

My blog posts are getting less and less frequent, which is really annoying, but as I don’t finish work until 4, by the time I get home it’s dark- making it impossible for outfit posts. Thank goodness for the weekend ( and my fabulous mummy for taking pictures of me even though she’s super duper busy.) I couldn’t wait to photograph this outfit as I am in loooooove with my new t-shirt. Technically it’s Stefans, but as he’s had it for a couple of weeks I asked him very kindly could he send it to me to have a for a while ( forever) he he I love how we share clothes! The jacket is also Stefans, I bought it for him last Christmas so he’s had it for a whole year, so now it’s only fair that I get to wear it for a bit. I’ve wanted one of these jackets for yonks, it’s just so so snuggly. I’m taking it easy this weekend and relaxing to the max as I have three weekends of excitment coming up. Next Friday after my last day of work at JanRo (sob) I’m going to Liverpool to see my besties who I haven’t seen since MAY ahhhhhhhh, the weekend after I’m going to London for some last minute Christmas shopping ( very last minute!) and then the weekend after that… I’M JETTING OFF TO NEW ZEALAND. Sorry for going on about it so much but I’m just so bloody exciting eeeeeeeee.

Have a great weekend! I’m just about to help my mother put the Christmas decorations wooohooo


xoxo T

Phase Eight Blogger Comp – Christmas Party Look!

Phase Eight

1) Faux Fur Coat £130
2) Paige Tapework Full Length Dress £325
3)  Jewel Clutch Bag £35
4) Diamante Necklace £25
5) Weave Peep Toe Shoe £99

Anyone who knows me, knows that I just simply luuuuurve a competition – especially when it involves getting creative! That being said, I was delighted to find out about the fabulous blogger competition that Phase Eight are running where you have to create your perfect Christmas Party look using Phase Eight items ( as above!) Whilst Phase Eight is a little pricey for poor old me, that doesn’t mean that I’m not always browsing their site making wish lists over their absolutely stunning dresses and coats, just like the ones above – which meant  making a party look was easy!

I chose this beautiful red lace dress, because if Santa wears red – then I can too! This dress would ensure you stand out at any party and most definitely be the belle ( or Mrs Claus) of the ball. Of course as we’re in December,  a snuggly jacket is a must, and so this faux fur coat is absolutely perfect ( I’m a little bit in love!) Paired with black simple shoes and an elegant necklace, this is my fave party look and now it’s made me wish I was going to a Christmas Party!!!

What do you think? Have you got any Christmas parties planned?

xoxo T

The Kiss

IMG_7866 IMG_7832 IMG_7848 IMG_7877 IMG_7842

Hat : Primark / Jumper : Primark / Leggings : Black Milk ( not made anymore) / Heels : Ebay / Bag : Morocco

I’ve had these Black Milk leggings for a while now, but I still find it hilarious seeing people’s reactions to them. I wore them to Boots yesterday an old lady actually stopped went “Oh my god” – which was followed with a look of disgust HA HA. They’re not that bad are they? My whole family absolutely hates them, but what do they know eh? I’d wear them every day if I could, like I have been with this jumper! I don’t own many woolly jumpers( or fluffy ones for that matter) at the moment, which I really should do considering the weather, but I just don’t see the point in stocking up on winter attire when I’m going away in 4 weeks ( TECHNICALLY 3 weeks and 27 days waahhaaa.) Nevertheless, I’m in love with this fluffy goddess of a jumper and I need a trip to Primark to stock up on the other colours. The mixture of indoor and outdoor pictures for this post is because my lovely mother wanted to take some snaps in her little studio (she’s a photographer) and although I really didn’t want indoor ones, they turned out quite nice against the white backdrop.

In other news…I can’t believe its Sunday already! This weekend has flown by and I have done absolutely nothing. zzzzz. The highlight was definitely opening my advent calendar this morning – the perfect excuse for some chocolate! yum yum yum

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend anyway!

The countdown to Christmas is now upon us HOOORAH!

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xoxo T

Review : Time Bomb Cosmetics – “Holiday in a bottle”

In this chilly, grey and foggy weather, it’s inevitable that we’re going to be feeling a little down in the dumps, but it’s not just us feeling like this…  our skin is too! With the sun long gone into hibernation here in Wales, my skin has been left feeling pretty similar to the weather- dull!

Whilst foundation can hide a multitude of imperfections and can give you a lovely bit of colour – it just doesn’doesn’t match that sun kissed glow you get from the actual sun. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I have tried fake tans specifically for the face, but alas they are too “fake”, I have tried a darker foundation- but we all know how that turns out, and so was I very intrigued when nbpr emailed me regarding a new face product entitled “Holiday in a bottle” – Sounds good doesn’t it? And guess what, it is!

* Time Bomb Cosmetic’s Holiday in a bottle C/O nbpr

The packaging disregarded everything that I thought it would be upon hearing the words ‘holiday’ by stating that it was, “Not a stain, self-tanner or foundation” and so I couldn’t wait to get my paws into it – or rather, my face!

The cream comes out a white colour – which was surprising at first – but then quickly blends into a glowing golden colour. It was extremely easy to blend and did in fact leave my skin looking very illuminating and holiday like – how dreamy!

Holiday in a bottle Holiday in a bottle

Although it isn’t a false tan, the product has some similar traits that were it’s only downside. My skin is rather spotty at the moment (sigh) and like a fan tan, ‘Holiday in a Bottle’ seemed to cling to the spots and highlight them more than a foundation would. But nothing a little concealer couldn’t cover up!

Overall, I am a huge fan of the product and am definitely going to continue using it! I think it’s more for the Spring/Summer months  perhaps as it’s quite a light coverage – but it will be perfect for me on my travels and for anyone whose skin is having a good day!

It’s gone down a hit with my friends and family who have all run off to invest in their own after testing out mine! If you want to try out ‘Holiday in a Bottle’, which comes in two shades, you can purchase it here for £28.oo.

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Xoxo T

Jump up jump up and get down… with Rare London

jumpsuits from Rare

1 – White and Black Bardot Frill Jumpsuit, £45
2 – Little Mix Metallic Wrap Playsuit, £39
3 – Sheer Panel Jumpsuit ,£39
4 – Printed Playsuit, £32
5 – Navy Lurex Halter Neck Jumpsuit, £45

Jumpsuits & Playsuits are absolutely HUGE this season, and Rare London have one of the best ranges on the high street for you to indulge yourself in. With a mixture of lurex, sparkles, off the shoulder and halter neck – they’ve got all styles covered. If it couldn’t get any better – they are currently offering 15% exclusively for bloggers (and luckily for you I get to share it with my wonderful readers!)

The code is : Jumpsuit15

The code is going to be live until the end of December, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get your Christmas party outfit sorted!!!


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xoxo T

I want it ALL and I want it NOW – yes, it’s Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop

Oh my goodness, I have never been more in love with a collection than Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop and I’m sure you all agree.

It reminds me of a wacky fairytale, one where all of the items need to be worn inside a gingerbread house full of sweets. eeeeeeee





Lunchbox, £30
PVC fur trim skirt, £120
Chunky Gold Brogues, £130
Crepe Dress, £175
Red Sequin Heels, £180
Crochet Dress, £290

It’s a little pricey, but who cares when it’s this fabulous?! However, I can’t decide what my favourite piece from the collection is – the gold brogues or the pink pvc fluffy skirt?

Santa, I hope you’re reading this….

xoxo T