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Despite being called ‘the black sheep’ whenever I wear this fluffy little number (thank you baker), I still absolutely love it. Anything soft and fluffy is always a must and when I spotted this in the Dotti sale last year, I knew we’d be leaving together. I love this jumper because its short sleeved, which makes a stark change from my other fluffy items, which I admit sometimes make me look like a great big ball of fuzz. This one is balanced out however by this gorgeous knitted ASOS skirt, which has the cutest petal detail around the bottom.

As soon as I saw the skirt on their ‘new in’ section, my card was out and the conformation email was sent through in the blink of an eye. As I’m saving though, I couldn’t go all out and buy the matching knitted jumper ( you can imagine how much that killed me) but it’s such a beautiful skirt that any top could go with it and look stunning!

OK, I did actually buy a bright pink cami top to pair with it, which looks charming, but feels absolutely freezing. I was yearning after summer a little too much and so the cami is staying tucked away for a few more weeks, judging by today’s glum weather at least.

Top : Dotti (similar here)
Skirt : ASOS
Heels  : Missguided
Bag : Chloe Replica (Turkey)

xoxo T


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