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Denim and utility, two awesome trends that are combined in this outfit. I’m a little bit obsessed with shopping and asos at the moment, a wonderful (and dangerous) pairing, which is where I found this dreamy little outfit. The styling on there is more amazing than ever at the moment, and I’m taking full advantage of it! My wardrobe is filled with denim shorts and denim jeans, so it was a pleasant surprise to see denim skirts fill the shops ready for Spring/Summer 15, and denim pencil skirts are just even better! I can most definitely see one of the Kardashians wearing this ( Kim or Kylie?), which is probably why I chose it… part of my quest to become one of them, sigh. Nevertheless, what hit me when taking these snaps is that my holiday tan has now 100% left me, are my poor legs are becoming casper-ish. Time to add some fake tan to my shopping list, any recommendations?

Top : new look
Skirt : ASOS
Coat : Next (similar here)
Shoes : forever 21
Sunglasses : ebay
Clutch : mums

xoxo T


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