A week in FASHION 16/07

Being the fickle fiend that I am, I’ve decided that instead of writing about the fashion news that everyone is buzzing about each week, I’ll choose what fashion news has got me buzzing. A little more personal, and still rather informative don’t cha think?




For over a year, there have been talks of our favourite on screen star, Blake Lively, starting her own blog/website (and we’ve all been religiously checking the internet in desperate hope that some news will appear on the matter.) Well eventually it has – YES , I believe we’re all shouting. Her website, named Preserve, is said to be focussing on art and unique pieces, of which you will be able to purchase. Want to hear some even more exciting news? The blog will also be a host to videos, videos which contain Blake herself – hoorah. I particularly like a quote from Vogue in which she said regarding the blog, “There’s nothing like it out there – it’s without a genre.” As different and exciting as it sounds, I for one would love to see a style blog from Miss Lively. Or even a hair blog – are you with me?! Preserve hits the web on july 23rd – get ready gals!

2. MISS MOSS ( Nope, not Kate)



Step aside Kate, there’s a new Moss boss in town. This week Lottie Moss, Kates much younger sister stars in a Calvin Klien campaign, just like her sister did all those years ago. Whilst Calvin Klein campaigns can never go far wrong (black and white, underwear,hot models..need I say more), for me, Lottie doesn’t have that same appeal behind the camera as Kate did then (and now), or like  other models currently fronting campaigns do; Cara, Karlie, even Kylie Jenner.  She is beautiful – that’s without question, but for me, the images lack something. What do you think?


Whilst perusing through runway pictures this week, I most definitely died and went to couture heaven. Fashion week is one thing, but Couture just blows everything else out of the window. Who wishes couture was everyday wear (and affordable of course?)  Who did I love the most?


Jean Paul Gaultier – He couldn’t be any further away from other designers at Couture Fashion Week, and I love it. Perhaps it’s because of my love of True Blood, Hocus Pocus and Halloween, three things which could easily be seen from Gaultiers designs. But the main theme – Women are the boss.


Valentino – Simple shapes, simple designs & simple perfection. Simplicity is the key it seems to looking like you’ve come from a serene dream, or like you’ve just walked out of an epic fantasy novel. The mixture of toga-eqsue dresses alongside sheer black & nude lace can’t help but twirl your mind back to historic greece or rome-  a perfect fit for the Italian designer. I want all of the collection, and I want it NOW.

4. Chrissy Teigan


Not really fashion news, but I’ve seen her here there and everywhere recently ( instagram, twitter, facebook, daily mail – the usual) and after following her on instagram, reading a few interviews and checking out her food blog So Delushious , she’s one of my new favourite models. Plus she’s married to John legend – the voice of a male angel. I particularly liked her outright slamming of clothing brand Forever 21 for making her leave a set years ago for being too fat. Forever 21 is even’t THAT nice, you go girl.



I’m talking about Kendal Jenner for LOVE magazine of course. I adore the magazines, and adore the Kardashians/Jenners, so a collaboration between the two is just heavenly. I think Kendall Jenner has the figure, the face and the attitude ( from what I’ve seen on KUWTK) to be a great model and so far, so good. I hope she really gets going in the fashion world – even if it makes me VERY green with envy. Already rich and famous and now a model? Leave something for the rest of us!


Enjoy the rest of your week, whatever you may be up to!

xoxo T


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