Salvo Style

Whilst talking about blogging to my friend the other day, whinging about the fact that my funds have led to less and less style posts, she asked if I had done a ‘ Salvo Style’ one, as it’s where we now buy most of our essentials. For those of you not ‘in the know’, Salvo is our abbreviation for the Salvation Army op shop, charity shop, second hand shop; whatever you like to call it. My answer was no, but her question got me thinking about charity shops and why more of us should be visiting them.

One of the main things I have learned in New Zealand is the importance of recycling. They are a country with the idea of recycling instilled into them and they are passionate about it because they want to preserve this beautiful beautiful land, and rightly so. When we talk about recycling, most of us simply think it refers to cardboard, paper and those sort of things, but we fail to remember that can it can actually apply to clothes as well.

There’s no denying that I’m a sucker for the high street; the clothes are on trend, their sparkly, shiny, new and I’m like a magpie to a diamond ring when I see them. But every now and then, we should stop supporting the big brands, slave labour and use of natural resources in manufacturing and give something back to the world. How can we do this? Through visiting charity shops.

They may not have tags ( well, sometimes they do and if so ; JACKPOT), the clothes may not be in the magazines but they do have a story and the most important part is that through buying them you’re giving back to those in need and giving a helping hand to our world.

This recycling malarky works both ways too. I bet 90% of you have clothes hanging in your wardrobes or folded at the bottom of the pile in your draws that have been there for far too long gathering dust. Instead of hoarding them just incase you decide to wear them one day in the distant, distant future, throw them into a bag and pop into your local charity shop. You won’t only feel good about yourself, but you could make someone else’s day when they find a Topshop garm for a quid/dollar and in doing so your being a pro-recycler. Woop woop.

Here in New Zealand, a large proportion of shops are op shops or vintage shops ( particularly in the capital of Wellington) which is something I love! Back home in the UK, you’re almost guaranteed to see someone wearing the same thing as you, even more so on a night out. But here I don’t think I’ve seen anyone look remotely the same. I’m not saying thats because EVERYONE shops in charity shops and vintage shops, but it certainly may contribute. Vintage shops tend to be a little pricer, but the clothes are often designer, stylish and worth paying that little bit more for. The money may not be going to charity, but you’re still helping out the planet. Thumbs up all around.


xoxo T


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