Let’s go to the Beach Hop








If you hadn’t noticed already, these shoes aren’t leaving my feet anytime soon. I was surprised to discover that they’re actually really comfy, especially as I have extremely odd feet (anyone who knows me will vouch for this) that never seem to fit shoes properly. For this post, I teamed the shoes with my cutesy (wait for it…) OP SHOP skirt and my ribbed Topshop crop top. I actually got some new trousers to team with the top from Topshop which I purchased ready for the Autumn chill, but seeing as NZ is still pretty darn hot, I threw on a skirt instead. I love the colours red and black together, it’s rather ‘Dennis the mennis’ chic.

These outfit photographs were taken in Russell, but being the traveller I am, I wore the same outfit to Beach Hop.Image


Although I didn’t want to go at first, I am SO glad I did. There were hundreds of old cadillacs, chevrolets and mustangs filling the streets of Whangamata along with live music from rock and roll bands, lots of street food and an amazing atmosphere – something that New Zealand always seems to have.

We’re currently looking for work again ( booohoooo) but still having the most amazing time.

xoxo T


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