Let’s get drunk on the mini bar

IMG_2783 IMG_2784 IMG_2786 IMG_2787

Top : Op shop   /   Trousers : AQ/AQ   /   Boots : Topshop   /   Sunglasses : Ebay

Once again, this outfit celebrates the wonder that is the’ Op shop’, for the top half anyway. I have previously mentioned the excellent garments to be found in New Zealands Charity Shops, and my theory has been proven true again. Stefan was looking for a belt (there are no clothes shops in Russell so it was proving difficult), so I suggested that he visit the Op shop. I myself hadn’t been there, but a few people from work had told me that they had found some cool bits in there etc etc. As we had a day off, we took a stroll into town and popped in for a gander – just at the right time it seemed – as they had an offer on of $5 for a bag of clothes. THAT’S £2.50 FOR A BAG OF STUFF. Being a lover of clothes (obv), my eyes lit up and I sped around the shop picking up anything patterned, fluffy and oversized. As a huge fan of checkered print, this top caught my eye immidietely. It was supposed to be part of a suit set with a skirt, which I would have LOVED if it wasn’t too big, but the cute ladies at the shop let me just purchase the top. As Autumn has officially began in New Zealand, this top is perfect season crossover attire. To much surprise, Stefan ended up getting way more clothes than me and even scooped up some designer labels, score!

xoxo T

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