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Shirt & Shorts : Glassons
Shoes : Office
Sunglasses & Necklace : Primark
Headband : ASOS (gift)

Firstly, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! Although I most definitely believe that valentines is a waste-of-time holiday that is just another excuse for cards and presents, I absolutely adore cards and presents (especially when I’m receiving and not giving he he) so I am someone who likes to ‘celebrate’ it and do something fun. Whilst year was a brilliant one, spent having a takeaway in Liverpool with Stefan and then heading out to town with Scarletto and Sophie, I never would have imaged that a year later, I would be on the other side of the world, in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Although I had work this morning ( but not really work work as Β I was Β just setting the room up for a wedding which was exciting) as soon as I finished, Stef came to meet me and we went to the beach to utilize stefan’s valentines present which was a fishing rod! To all people who have thought about buying a fishing rod for their lover- I advise you NOT to.Why, I hear you ask? 1) Males become angry when they can’t set the fishing rod up properly (because they forgot the instructions obv) 2) They become angry when they can’t catch any fish and that becomes your fault (especially when they nearly have one but it falls off) 3) When they do finally catch one, they won’t give you a turn because ‘they’re the only ones who can do it.’ ha ha That being said, it was actually a really fun day AND I caught one!! We had to throw it back in because it was too small (boo) but I was still very smug. GIRL POWER

So, my present to Stefan this year was a fishing rod and Stefs present to me was ….this extremely cute two piece! I really am in love. I disovered Glassons in Auckland when we arrived here and had eyed up a few stunning pieces, but I stopped myself from buying them ( as well as several other fabulous clothes and shoes) as we’re travelling and need to save our money ( blah blah blah.) But last week, Glassons released their new edt collection – edt2, from which this gorgeous outfit hails from, and having seen it online – and leaving the page up so that when Stef logged in he would see it too(hint hint)-it arrived at our door. He really is the best. In their lookbook ,Β Glassons describe the collection as ” eclectically ranging from girl, tomboy, grown-up and in between” – and that’s exactly what this shirt and shorts are. The shark print reminds me of my childhood whilst the beautiful pale pink is glamorous. It’s something I imagine Wendy Darling would wear in 2014.

Happy Valentines day!

xoxo T


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