Double Denim

_MG_8748 _MG_8751 _MG_8753 IMG_8756


Jacket : Pop Boutique (from their Liverpool store)
T-shirt : Pray for Paris
Jeans : Topshop
Shoes : Kurt Geiger

Good afternoon lovelies! How are we all?

My blog posts are getting less and less frequent, which is really annoying, but as I don’t finish work until 4, by the time I get home it’s dark- making it impossible for outfit posts. Thank goodness for the weekend ( and my fabulous mummy for taking pictures of me even though she’s super duper busy.) I couldn’t wait to photograph this outfit as I am in loooooove with my new t-shirt. Technically it’s Stefans, but as he’s had it for a couple of weeks I asked him very kindly could he send it to me to have a for a while ( forever) he he I love how we share clothes! The jacket is also Stefans, I bought it for him last Christmas so he’s had it for a whole year, so now it’s only fair that I get to wear it for a bit. I’ve wanted one of these jackets for yonks, it’s just so so snuggly. I’m taking it easy this weekend and relaxing to the max as I have three weekends of excitment coming up. Next Friday after my last day of work at JanRo (sob) I’m going to Liverpool to see my besties who I haven’t seen since MAY ahhhhhhhh, the weekend after I’m going to London for some last minute Christmas shopping ( very last minute!) and then the weekend after that… I’M JETTING OFF TO NEW ZEALAND. Sorry for going on about it so much but I’m just so bloody exciting eeeeeeeee.

Have a great weekend! I’m just about to help my mother put the Christmas decorations wooohooo


xoxo T


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