Review : Time Bomb Cosmetics – “Holiday in a bottle”

In this chilly, grey and foggy weather, it’s inevitable that we’re going to be feeling a little down in the dumps, but it’s not just us feeling like this…  our skin is too! With the sun long gone into hibernation here in Wales, my skin has been left feeling pretty similar to the weather- dull!

Whilst foundation can hide a multitude of imperfections and can give you a lovely bit of colour – it just doesn’doesn’t match that sun kissed glow you get from the actual sun. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I have tried fake tans specifically for the face, but alas they are too “fake”, I have tried a darker foundation- but we all know how that turns out, and so was I very intrigued when nbpr emailed me regarding a new face product entitled “Holiday in a bottle” – Sounds good doesn’t it? And guess what, it is!

* Time Bomb Cosmetic’s Holiday in a bottle C/O nbpr

The packaging disregarded everything that I thought it would be upon hearing the words ‘holiday’ by stating that it was, “Not a stain, self-tanner or foundation” and so I couldn’t wait to get my paws into it – or rather, my face!

The cream comes out a white colour – which was surprising at first – but then quickly blends into a glowing golden colour. It was extremely easy to blend and did in fact leave my skin looking very illuminating and holiday like – how dreamy!

Holiday in a bottle Holiday in a bottle

Although it isn’t a false tan, the product has some similar traits that were it’s only downside. My skin is rather spotty at the moment (sigh) and like a fan tan, ‘Holiday in a Bottle’ seemed to cling to the spots and highlight them more than a foundation would. But nothing a little concealer couldn’t cover up!

Overall, I am a huge fan of the product and am definitely going to continue using it! I think it’s more for the Spring/Summer months  perhaps as it’s quite a light coverage – but it will be perfect for me on my travels and for anyone whose skin is having a good day!

It’s gone down a hit with my friends and family who have all run off to invest in their own after testing out mine! If you want to try out ‘Holiday in a Bottle’, which comes in two shades, you can purchase it here for £28.oo.

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Xoxo T

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