Review : Lee Stafford ‘ Frizz Off’ & ‘FAT Flexible Hold Hairspray’

Last week I received some fabulous Lee Stafford hair products, courtesy of nbpr ( thank you guys!) As I tend to use L’Oreal hair products, or sometimes Kerastase ( when I ‘borrow’ my mothers he he) I thought it would be great to try out some new products, especially when the description made them sound so wonderful. Whilst most products make themselves sound a whole lot better on the packaging than they actually are, the Lee Stafford products pleasantly stayed true to their description.

Lee Stafford

Firstly is the ‘FAT Flexible HoLD HAiRSPRaY’ As I have extremely fine hair, you can curl my hair as tightly as you want, but give it just five minutes and it will be as flat as a pancake. Similarly, as it’s so fine, my hair doesn’t seem to know what ‘ Bounce’ feels like. Bearing this s in mind – Lee Stafford’s Flat Flexible Hold was fabulous!



                                      Before                                                                                         After

Although my hair lost some it’s curl, the ‘after’ picture was taken roughly five hours later after I gotten a little windswept – so overall I was really pleased with it! It didn’t make my hair too hard either which is something I dislike in hairsprays, and I was still able to comb through it without it getting matted! I’ve used it a couple of times now and it hasn’t disappointed. It’s definitely one to add to your collection if you like me, suffer with hair that refuses to stay curled.

Secondly is the Frizz OFF™ keratiN BLow DRy smOOthing SPRaY. This product “guarantees to tame the frizz and static, making your hair calm, smooth and manageable” and I have to say, it really did make a difference! As I have had masses of highlights over the years and am still having them, my hair has become extremely weak and ultimately, the dreaded f word – FRIZZZZZY! The only time I can get it smooth and calm is when I leave the hairdressers… until now!  After using this for one week before blow drying my hair, I have seen a big difference. There are still a few frizzy bits flying all over the place  (which I suppose is inevitable) but on the whole, my hair looks ALMOST salon done – when I make the effort to blow dry it properly- and I have even had a few comments on how smooth it looks! Another thing I love about this product is that is smells absolutely GORGEOUS! If  it couldn’t get any better, it even contains collagen and heat protection – making your hair all the more fabulous. This is another Lee Stafford hair product that I would most definitely recommend, especially if you’re tired of fighting the frizz and are looking for an affordable answer opposed to the salon.


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xoxo T


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