Marrakesh 2013

My absence in blogging this last week was because of  a little trip I took to North Africa, Marrakech to be more precise! The trip with Stefan and his wonderful family was booked a few months ago, and I had been counting down the days until I could escape the autumn chill and hit up the warm, hustle and bustle of Morocco.

On arrival, Marrakech reminded me a lot of Rajasthan in India(  where I went last year, you can see my post here) only much much cleaner. There were rows upon rows of pink stone buildings, masses of scooters zooming down the roads and colourful markets filled with brightly coloured fruit and vegetables. We arrived at our Riad at 12pm on Saturday, and it was so so pretty. Our Riad, Riad Jnane Agdal, was everything I expected from a traditional Moroccan Riad – beautiful coloured walls, traditionally decorated bedrooms ( which you can see in the pictures below) and some of loveliest staff I have ever met. If you’re planning a trip to Marrakech, I’d definitely recommend this place! Happy staff and beautiful Riad aside- there was a minor incident five minutes into our arrival at the Riad which nearly killed myself and Adam off ! Whilst enjoying some moroccan mint tea around a table on the ground floor, someone leaned on a very old wooden banister on the third floor which fell off and landed inches away from us. I don’t know if it was the shock, or the hilarity at the fact we were nearly knocked out – but the incident was followed with hysterics…as you do. This wasn’t to be the last near death experience of the holiday for me, as one came a day later…… ( surprise surprise)

It was Kelly’s birthday when we were out there, so we took to trusty Tripadvisor to find a lovely restaurant and found a little gem called  Le Foundouk. There was a slight drama en route to the restaurant as the taxi dropped us off in a very residential part of Marrakech, shy of other tourists and looking ever so slightly dodgy, where a guy was there pleading with us to go with him because he worked for the restaurant and was our guide there. Being the unwilling people we are, we refused to go with him for a good five-six minutes, until eventually he called the restaurant to prove he was actually taking us there – oopsy. The drama didn’t end there however, as on the way to Le Foundouk, a man came speeding around a corner on a bicycle… straight into my arm, which caused him to go flying off his bike and get his foot mangled in the wheel –OUCH, sorry! Nevertheless, Le Foundouk was worth the drama as it was one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been too, and the food really was to die for!

Other lovely places we visited included Kosybar  ( another absolutely beautiful bar), market stall 25 ( one of the food stalls in the medina who won us over with his cheesy lines ” eat at 25, you stay alive” – the food was fabulous), the atlas mountains and le jardin majorelle ( where Yves Saint Laurent lived.)

Marrakech was all that I expected it to be and more! Markets filled with lanterns, tea pots, leather bags ( Stefs mum treated me to a gorgeous one which you can see in the pictures below), pointy shoes ( a la Carrie Bradshaw in SATC2) and carpets. People trying to sell you things and get you into their shops. Masses upon masses of tagines. Delicious food. Breathtaking views, and gorgeous weather – and all with the most amazing company ❤

It’s definitely a place that I want to go back to, and hopefully I will!

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