Splurge V Save 7/11/13

1. Splurge Three Floor / Save River Island
2. Splurge Topshop / Save Ark
3. Splurge Black Milk / Save Choies
4. Splurge Alexander Wang via Matches.com / Save Missgiuded
5. Splurge Zara / Save SheInside
6. Splurge Shade London / Save Missguided

Well well well.

It has an awfully long time since my last Splurge V Post ( my last one was on June 3rd – my oh my) but now that I need to save the pennies more than ever for NEW ZEALAND (CAN YOU BELIEVE I’M GOING TO NEW ZEALAND IN 7 WEEKS 2 DAYS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) I thought it fitting to bring it back to the blog! I’ve done my fair share Splurge v Saves, but it has never been easier to find dupes of things than now!  Although I’m not usually a huge lover of copycat clothing ( especially when I own the expensive version, which is very rare) now that I need to look fantabulous with hardly any money to spend, I just don’t seem to care and want to snap up every dupe I see!!! That being said, I’m actually really pleased with this SplurgeVSave and it’s ability to make you look snazzy ( yes I love that word) while saving you some dollar. I especially like the copy of the Shade London tee – thank you Missguided! If you haven’t heard of Shade and love cool tees & sweatshirts- go check them out.  They have SUCH lovely t-shirts, but I just can’t justify paying £45 for a t-shirt when I’m supposed to be saving. £16.99 is much more in my price range. he he

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xoxo T


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