Let’s go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah

Taylor Janway fashion & style blogger Taylor Janway fashion & style blogger Taylor Janway fashion & style blogger Taylor Janway fashion & style blogger

Fur headband : TK Max
Denim Jacket : Vintage
Dungarees : Missguided
Shirt : Vintage
Sunglasses : Ebay

Necklace : Vintage
Boots : Topshop
Bag : Primark

I’ve had this outfit for so long (well the shirt and dungarees) but  for some strange reason I’ve never actually got around to photographing it until Sunday! This is definitely my ‘go-to’ shirt and I love pairing it with anything black – leggings, jeans, skirts etc etc. I absolutely luuuurve the bright and bold colours  AND it’s even that gorgeous silky material, making it all the more wonderful. Without being too big headed – I always seem to receive lots of compliments when I’m wearing it which makes me very very happy as it only cost me £4 from a charity shop! HOORAH. The best kind of purchase. Although the sun was shining on the weekend (for some of it, at least) it was bloody freezing here in Wales, so I had to pair it with this marvellous little jacket – which is actually a new addition to my wardrobe! Whilst clearing out the garage last week, my mother found this little Levi gem which used to be hers when she was a teenager. I’ve been in search of a snazzy vintage Levi for AGES so I’m glad this one has found its way into my life (and wardrobe) Thank you mummy!

Have a lovely week everyone – I for one can’t wait for the weekend as I am off to Marrakesh for  three nights wooohooo. If any of you have been there and have any suggestions of where to go and what to see – please do tell!

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xoxo T


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