Emerging Welsh label – Cwtchy Cwtchy

When you think of Welsh fashion designers, there’s one name that pops straight into your head, which is of course the one and only Sir Julien Macdonald. Since he took the fashion world by storm back in 2000, there have been very few Welsh designers following in his footsteps.

BUT – I have a sneaky feeling that’s all about to change.

I’m by no means the most patriotic person in the world but I really do feel happy and even a little proud to see talent emerging  from Wales –especially when the talent is from my favourite field -fashion!

One emerging fashion designer who has grabbed my attention is Sonia Edwards who owns fashion label Cwtchy Cwtchy. Even though I think the name of the brand already gives it away, Cwtchy Cwtchy is a new Welsh label, and boy oh boy is it a good one.

I first saw the clothes on the runway at Cardiff Fashion Week last weekend, and I really was surprised and delighted by how good they were. Other labels on the runway included Armani Exchange, John Lewis, River Island and New look – all highly sought after, established brands. As much as I loved their outfits, they all looked very similar and when the clothes from these labels were on the runway I couldn’t tell them apart – a problem that I didn’t get with Sonia Edwards’ signature designs. Yes, the models, the music and the styling all added to making the Cwtchy Cwtchy collection look even more fabulous, but the fact is – it beat everyone else on that catwalk ,hands down.

What lacks in most fashion designs nowadays are unique characteristics that make people recognise the label and make it stand out from the hundreds of competitors out there. Luckily however, Cwtchy Cwtchy doesn’t have this problem, as the clothing features unique ‘V’ shape designs which not only look amazing, but make you look amazing too by enhancing your figure.

Us girls are always wanting longer legs and a nicer bottom (especially after seeing that recent picture of Kim Kardashian) and luckily for us we can take a day off from exercising as Cwtchy Cwtchy’s clothing do just that! The distinctive V shaped waist bands were designed to create an optical illusion and the waist band appears nipped in creating a pert bottom and a longer leg. HOORAH!

What I love about the label (aside from the name <3) is that the clothes have an elegant yet modern look to them and are also pretty darn sexy.

 Cwtchy Cwtchy is most definitely a brand to watch out for!

You can follow Sonia Edwards, the woman behind these amazing clothes here.

Cwtchy Cwtchy Cwtchy Cwtchy. Cwtchy Cwtchy.

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xoxo T


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