She loves the monkey’s uncle, yeah yeah

TaylorJanway - Chiara Fashion TaylorJanway - Chiara Fashion

TaylorJanway - Chiara FashionTaylorJanway - Chiara Fashion

Hat : Primark
Dress : C/O Chiara Fashion
Shoes : Ebay
Awkward legs : My own

Does this look familiar anyone?…


When I was uploading the pictures for this post, and looking at the dress (particularly the monkey/gorilla) I just couldn’t stop singing the song from the title.
“Woah woah she loves the monkey’s uncle yeah yeah.”An all time favourite of brothers and mine when we were younger. It was definitely one that we used to dance around the living room to! I remember it was on my Disney CD, but I have no idea what film it’s from?? Any ideas??

Anyway, back to the outfit! Rihanna is certainly not my favouritest person in the world. I love her music, but her attitude seems rather crappy to me. Nevertheless, this doesn’t take away the fact that she really does know how to dress! I’m forever stalking her instagram and twitter looking at Β what she’s wearing ( and her amazing BUM!) and when I saw this little number on her a while back, I fell in love! It’s been a while since I’ve worn a body-con dress, but after seeing this on Rihanna and then on the Chiara Fashion website, Β I had to try it out. The combination of Monkey and Mesh is perrrrrfect, if I do say so myself. The material is also quite thick, which makes this a fabulous item to have in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Β As I’m still ever so reluctant to wear tights (even though I should) I paired it with some bare legs ( not as nice as Rihanna’s I’ll admit) my trusty old creepers ( I really should get a new pair!) and my denim jacket for a fairly casual look. I’m hating the fact that my pictures are slowly and steadily becoming ALL indoors arghhhhh. I can deal with the cold, but the rain needs to stop!

Hope you like the outfit and have a wonderful week.

xoxo T


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