Damn, this is the life

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TaylorJanway Fashion Blog, So In Fashion

Dress : C/O So in Fashion* 
Cardigan  : Charity Shop
Dr.Martens : Bought from a friend
Sunglasses : Primark
Rucksack : Primark
Necklace : Vintage

Even though my diary hasn’t been overly full, my life feels like it has been crazy busy this last week or so. I received this beautiful dress from the lovely people at So In Fashion nearly two weeks ago and have been trying ( and failing) to get a post up about it ever since! -BUT- FINALLY I have. I was super duper happy receiving this dress as it’s the perfect pop of colour that I need in my wardrobe at the moment. The blacks and purples contrasting with the neon definitely make it the perfect dress for the transition from summer to winter and it’s even kinda Halloween-y too! I’ve only worn it for day time wear so far, but it’s definitely one of those dresses that paired with heels will make a fabulous evening outfit – and  it’s the perfect length for doing so too!

When velvet began it’s  revival this A/W season ( something I once hated but now absolutely LOVE) I remembered that my lovely friend Beth  had been wanting to sell her Dr.Martens that just so happened to be 1) VELVET ( and my favourite colour) and 2) my size! HOORAH. A match made in heaven don’t you think? They are so so pretty I just want to wear them EVERYWHERE but alas, I need to break them in a bit  more as I wore them to work the other day…and the pain. Oh the pain.

No pain no gain I suppose?

xoxo T

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2 thoughts on “Damn, this is the life

  1. Rebecca says:

    THOSE SHOES. Man, I’ve never been into DMs, but velvet and burgundy is seriously making me want these ones, like it makes me want everything else like that (the post I’m currently drafting pretty much proves that, it’s an outfit I think you’ll approve of!). Love the dress too, and those sunglasses are amazing (I’m firmly in the “novelty” sunglasses club, who wants to wear aviators like everyone else?). Hope you’re well, lady 🙂 xxx

    • taylorjanway says:

      Thank you lovely! I felt the same about DM’s until I saw these ❤ Now I want to wear them everywhere! Absolutely love your velvet smock dress too, definitely going to be snapping that up on payday. I wish it was acceptable to wear head to toe velvet ha ha. I am good thank you dear, just trying to save for travels which is proving difficult whilst being a blogger ( as I'm sure you can empathize with!) When are you off to Germany? That's such bloody exciting news!!! xx

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