Trip to The Cotswolds

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As it was Stefan’s birthday last weekend (he turned 23, the big oldie) I headed down South for some birthday celebrations. After a delayed train to London– sort it out First Great Western- a tube journey and another train, I headed to Woburn to meet everyone at Loch Fyne restaurant where I had the yummiest meal of Sea bream in a chilli and coriander sauce with broccoli and chips, accompanied by some cheeky prosecco – my fave! I have definitely developed a huge love for fish since turning pescatarian in February, and this meal was once of the nicest fish meals I’ve ever had!

After a much needed sleep, we woke up bright and early the following morning for a trip to the wonderful Cotswolds. It is a place that I have ALWAYS wanted to go to because of the cute little houses and little antique shops – (and the fact Kate Moss lives there ha ha) So after a short drive and a few wrong turns we arrived at Burford. Filled with the traditional yellow brick houses and antique shops galore, it’s definitely a place that I would like to live at some point in my life. The fact that the weather was glorious made it ten times better too. After wandering around and being attacked by a gazillion wasps (when are they going to DIE?!)we headed to another old hamlet  town called Stow-on-the-Wold. Here we went to a church fete (too cute) and had some much needed lunch. Although I am much more of a city girl, the book sales, fetes, and flea markets all of which were in the cutest little setting were me down to a t, and If you haven’t been there, I’d definitely recommend it! I’d also recommend our B&B, Home Farm, which was in an absolutely beautiful Cotswold home and had the loveliest landlord, Robin.

Xoxo T


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