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If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ( if you don’t go go go do it now) you would have noticed that a momentous event took place last Thursday, and that of course was MY GRADUATION! – Just call me BA Hons O’Callaghan from now on, ha ha. After travelling up to Liverpool the day before for some pre-graduation pampering in the form of shopping and a curly blow dry, Thursday morning was spent with nerves, excitment, apprehension and extreme panic over the mixture of the weather and my 3/4 sleeve dress! Whilst the weather was pretty darn sweltering, the whole graduation day was SO lovely and all that I imagined it would be. If dressing up in Harry Potter style gowns wasn’t good enough, I got to see 3/6 of my besties from Liverpool ( Scarl, Pete & Phil) and had a delicious jug a Pimms afterwards with my parents and Stefan. I can’t deny that I am glad to be done with all of the essays and exams side of University ( the important parts), but am extremely sad in the knowledge that graduation (cheesily) marked the end of an era – and I can’t believe just how fast it went. Nevertheless, I know that me and my pals are going to keep in touch and see each other as often as possible, because we just have too much fun when we’re together!

Now that the emotional speech is out of the way, let’s talk about the outfit! This dress was an absolute steal from the lovely Dahlia for just £38 in the sale. I was a little worried about the length and the sleeves, but it all worked out well as without blowing my own trumpet, toot toot, I think it went well with the robes and I received several compliments – hehe. The shoes were a last minute buy from the one and only Primarni and were actually pretty comfy! I opted for a chunkier heel as I didn’t want to end up flying across the stage (as everyone imagines they will), and as I didn’t (phew) I am extremely thankful for these £16 beauties.

grad 1 grad2 grad3 grad4

Dress : Dahlia (£38)
Shoes : Primark (£16)
Clutch : Zara (gift)

Have a lovely week!

xoxo T

the gradddds the gradsvhfbgv


All photo credits go to my amazing mother, thank you xx


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