Weekly Wish List 13/07/2013

TaylorJanway weekly wish list july 12th 2013

1)UNIF Jacket $185///2)Asos Ring £18///3)Topshop Wedges  £75///4)Nasty Gal Lace Body £29.43///5)SheInside Kimono Shirt £21.01///6)Asos Earrings £25///7)Rihanna for River Island Bra Top£18///8)UNIF Heels $285///9)Choies Sunglasses £18.47///10) Shade London Bottoms £80

Good morning!

What better to kick off the weekend than with big fat juicy ‘Wish List’? – And how nice is this one? Sigh. Although all piled together it does look slightly colour clashing,all of these items tick the list of my favourite things at the moment – pastels,pinks, prints and lace. After Topshop posted a picture of these jeweled babies earlier in the week,(3) I just can’t stop looking at them! Even though after one of my nights out all of the diamonds would undoubtedly fall off, I still want them in my possession and on my feet, so I can feel like a princess. They contrast greatly to the UNIF Hellbounds(8)that are crazzzy high and crazy pink. Nonetheless, they are on my list of my obsessions too..just imagine how tall I would be!

In other news, I have been up since around 8am eagerly anticipating the delivery of a swimming pool that my mother purchased this week. Partly because of the weather and partly because, as my Step-brother put it, she was due an impulse purchase (  Which is SO true), my mother bought a ridiculously large swimming pool for us all to cool down in in this glorious weather. As I’m not going away this year, I am extremely looking forward to the arrival of this pool, and some of my mothers famous cosmo’s to go with it – they are THE BEST!

Also – after over a month  filled with searching for employment and unsuccessful interviews, I have secured myself a job! YIPPPEEEE. I start on 22nd July as a Media Administrator for a  company in Merthyr, and I really can’t wait! It still baffles me that  University has been and gone and now I’m entering the REAL world. Scary but exciting!

Have a lovely weekend all!

xoxo T


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wish List 13/07/2013

  1. Jereshia says:

    Absolutely LOVE and want everything on your wish list! Those Top Shop wedges are killer ❤ Also, congrats on the new job! I will be entering the real world work force in the next 6 months. It is scary/exciting knowing that college is over with and the big time job is awaiting. Best of wishes to you!

    Love Struck

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