Weekly Wish List

Weekly Wish List 28/06/20131) Topshop Slip £38//////2) Y.R.U Flatform Trainers $80//////3) Choies Cross My Heart Circle Sunglasses £13.19//////4) Charlotte Olympia Bag £295//////5) RiRi for Mac (RiRi Boy) £14


Happy Saturday!

I need some help with a shopping dilemma today, shall I buy this dress or not? It was in Topshop last year and I always waned to get it, and then regretted not doing so when it went out of stock. BUT NOW, it has returned, and I’m feeling extremely fickle over whether or not to buy it. I love the fact that it’s not actually a dress ( it’s a slip) and that the pale blue and lace make it look so vintage-y and delicate. I can just imagine it teamed with a leather jacket and my Anchor boots. Anyway, what do you think?
You’ll also be happy to know that the sunglasses are the not the real Henry Hollands that cost a big fat £150, but instead a little look-a-like pair from the wonderful Choies. Can you believe that they cost just £13??? AMAZING! Although I’m not much of a bag person, as soon as I saw this Movie bag by Charlotte Olympia, I fell in love! It’s definitely one that I can picture Carrie Bradshaw with! SO CUTE. Speaking of the movies, who’s excited to see Despicable Me 2? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Stef and I absolutely loved the first one, ” Knocked OOOOOO-VERRRRRRRR” not only because Steve Carell is amazing, but because the Minions are so hilarious. I haven’t been to the cinema in forever, so I’m very much looking forward to a trip next time I see Stefan.

What are all you lovely people up to this weekend? I can’t believe that it’s a year ago today that I went to India! How fast does the time go ey?! Now,  unlike last year when I was travelling around a truly amazing part of the world, I’m in Wales, sat in my pj’s, having a cup of tea.

xoxo T


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wish List

  1. naomh12 says:

    My advice: go try it on again if you havent already you might be able to just decide right away if you area wearing it and love/hate it, I was going to buy this but practicality prevailed. It really is beautiful though.

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