Cara Delevingne Mulberry A/W13 Campaign

I have never been a fan of owls, not one bit. What is cute about a small, big-eyed creature that can turn it’s head all the way around ( nearly)?

However, if there was ever a person to make owls look fabulous, it was going to be Cara.

I have been staring ( drooling) at these pictures all morning. Firstly, because of Cara and her sleek sleek hair and perfect little face. And secondly, because of the amazing Burberry bags. My favourite is definitely the oxblood one, it is diiiiiivine. But as much as I would love to add this to my Christmas list this Autumn Winter, I’ll reside myself to the fact that the only list this will be going on, is the list I’ll be giving to my mother when she heads to Turkey in September, weep weep!

Right from the outset you can tell that these photographs were taken by Tim Walker, as they have that special fairy tale element in them that he loves so much. The combination of Cara and Tim really make for a magical photo shoot. Well done Burberry!

cara-delevingne-for-mulberry-a-w-2013_GB (1) cara-delevingne-for-mulberry-a-w-2013_GB (2) cara-delevingne-for-mulberry-a-w-2013_GB cara-delevingne-mulberryvogue-1-25jun13-pr_b_426x639 cara-delevingne-mulberryvogue-4-25jun13-pr_b_426x639

xoxo T


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