Splurge Vs Save – Time to get Neutral.

1) Topshop Lace Dress, £75                     VS                 Matalan Lace Dress £20

2) Zara Front Wrap Skirt, £25.99           VS                Ebay Front Wrap Skirt £3.99

3) Topshop Ankle Strap Platform £82  VS                Ebay Ankle Strap Platform £24.99

4) 3.1 Phillip Lim Dungarees , £1,255   VS                Missguided Dungarees £33,99

5) Topshop Lace Skirt, £28                       VS                 Popcouture.co.uk Lace Skirt £12

6) See by Chloe Blazer, £488                    VS                  Asos Blazer £42

This week, without even realizing it, I seem to have gone overly neutral.

Whilst the Splurge items are absolutely beautiful, if you’re like me, there is no chance in hell you are ever going to get them ( at the moment at least) unless you save solidly…for a couple of MONTHS ( maybe years.) That is why I love finding a cheaper alternative. We may have to compromise by having fabric that is just not as expensive  or an item that just isn’t quite the right shade, but I’m not complaining when we get to have a gorgeous item at a fraction of the price. I’m particularly pleased in finding the lace dress from Matalan. I used to work in Matalan before I went to University, and the standard of clothing then was quite frankly, abysmal. But after a little trip there on the weekend, it was clear to see that their standards and sense of style have raised quite a lot!

I am also very impressed with the pretty much EXACT match of the Topshop skirt by Popcouture.co.uk! Pop are an online site I’ve recently found and they have some excellent clothes for amazing prices! Lots of on trend things such as mom jeans, crochet pieces and  a beautiful Kimono. If you haven’t already check them out.

Have a good day suckersssss x

xoxo T


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