Today I’m Wearing

Taylorjanway Today I'm Wearing 9/6/13 Taylorjanway Today I'm Wearing 9/6/13 Taylorjanway Today I'm Wearing 9/6/13

Dress : River Island (SALE), Denim Jacket : River Island, Bag : Zara, Boots : Topshop, Sunnies : Holidays

There is no denying that as much as I am missing Liverpool , I am also very very happy with being back home in Wales, and today was one of the reasons why. Today started with looking after my beautiful little niece Isabella ( who is literally the cutest little girl EVER) and consisted of singing to her, playing in the ball pit and walking around everywhere as she is just beginning to find her feet . Then, as if Β the day couldn’t get any better, I headed down to my mums friends for a little BBQ. The weather was gloorrrius, the food was yummy ( even though my mums friends Margaret tried to trick me into eating meat by putting crispy bacon in the salad and not telling me – sneaky Marg!!) and I got to indulge in copious amounts of the new Fosters with cloudy lemonade which is fabulous. While some may think a BBQ with your parents and their friends would be civilized and perhaps a little boring, today was far from Β either. Between the water fights and semi-nakedness ( yes, I know) it was brilliant fun and was rather impressive considering they’re all in their forties!

I hope all of your weekends have been fun too!

xoxo T




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