It was my BIRTHDAY!


Last week I finally celebrated my 21st birthday! YAY!  I had been long anticipating the night out as it was a combined celebration of my birthday and the end of University. As my exams finished the day before, I had hardly any time to shop for an outfit. Luckily however, I browsed online a couple of days before on Mango’s website, (not one I would usually shop at) and found this gem! I wanted something bright, summery and birthday-y and much to my delight, this beautiful pink dress had been reduced to just £17! I ordered it straight away, and after a little turmoil ( the day before I was due to wear it, it was in BARCELONA :o)  on the morning of my birthday it arrived and fitted perfectly! I teamed the dress with a necklace from Primark, and some beautiful heeled sandals from Zara courtesy my friends as a Birthday gift.  Although it’s not in this photo, I also wore a beautiful bag which Stefan’s Sister bought my for my birthday ( Thank you Kelly :), which went brilliantly with dress!

What I wore :

Mango DressZara Heeled Sandalszara £29.99

My other birthday gifts included an amazing Wuthering Heights book, a beautiful dress from Topshop from my brother and his girlfriend ( who is more like a big sister) which I will feature in a post soon, a Meerkat ( they’re my fave), trainers, a beautiful bracelet from my little niece, some gorgeous shorts, a watch and lots of other lovely things!

Another cheeky present was a pinata which Stefan bought for the celebrations ( filled with around £30 worth of sweets, HEAVEN). Although it left a path of destruction in the form of sweets all over the living room carpet, it was great fun.

Another birthday celebration came in the form of my amazing mother turning up to Liverpool on the day of my birthday with her two (crazy) friends! It was the best surprise I have ever had and it certainly made my birthday even better. She did not turn up empty handed either, as with her was this AMAZING cake which I have been wanting ever since I had a similar one in my fifth birthday party. The rest of the day was spent drinking copious amounts of wine and cocktails leaving some of us a little worse for wear ( Mainly just me and Scarlett)


This cake was made by Fabricake . if any of you are from South Wales or live in the area and need a cake made, I definitely recommend her!

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xoxo T


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