Today I’m Wearing



Jacket : Topshop via Ebay, T-shit : Blackscore, Leggings : Black Milk, Trainers : Nike Via Office

YO HO HO. It has been rather a long time since my last blog post, but now that exams and University are over, FOREVER HOOOOOORAAAAAAAAHHHH,I’m back on the bandwagon.

Whilst I am EXTREMELY pleased to be leaving Uni, and the horrible, horrible student house I’m currently living at ( rats, mice, mold – you name it), I’m feeling very sad to be leaving my bestie westie friends for the long move back to Merthyr Tydfil. Since moving in to halls in first year with the lovely Leanne, Sophie, Scarlett & Pete and then living with them again in Second year with an addition of Stefan and then third year with the addition of Phil and Hayley, it has been the best three years ever (Cheesy but so true.) It was my fanatablous friends who bought me this Blackscore tee for my birthday that I have been wanting FOREVER, because of my undying love/obsession with Cara. They also bought me a Zara voucher so that I was able to purchase some beautiful shoes and the cutest Wuthering Heights book ( it’s my fave) – Pictures of these will be up soon in a Birthday post I am in the middle of writing!

But for now , it’s goodbye to University life, Liverpool, and my amazing friends ( for a little while at least) and hello to Wales, employment ( hopefully) and REAL LIFE!

In the words of Leanne – ” Boomchang all around”
xoxo T


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