Today I’m Wearing




Top : Vintage, Necklace : Vintage, Trousers : Topshop (old), Boots : Topshop

As the sun made a cheeky appearance yesterday I couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph my outfit. Although it comprised of mainly old items, I absolutely love the colours white and yellow together, especially on a sunny day! I bought these trousers over two years ago and they’re still coming in handy. They have been the centre of many an outfit post, and probably lots more to come!

While it may have been sunny yesterday, my break from revision wasn’t basking in the sun, but instead a little trip to go and see THE GREAT GATSBY! After Stefan bought the book for my birthday last year, and I read it in one day, I had been anticipating the film A LOT ( and the fact that Leo was Gatsby made me all the more excited.) As the film has had so much hype around it I was really wishing Β and hoping that it wouldn’t disappoint ( to be honest it would have been hard to with such an amazing cast and director) and much to my delight, it didn’t! Instead, it blew me Β completely away! The acting, the effects and of course the amazing story from F.Scott Fitzgerald made for an absolutely wonderful film! Upon leaving the cinema ( in awe) I Β was ready to go and see it again. If you have seen the film too I imagine you’re feeling the same as me in wishing you could time travel back to the 20’s. The outfits and parties look truly spectacular! But alas,it’s back to revision and copious amounts of tea for me.

I recommend you head to the Cinema right now! It’s really not one to be missed.


xoxo T


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