Weekly Wish List 06/05/13

Weekly Wish List 6th May 13

1) Crown and Glory Flower Headband £20, buy here

2) Blackscore Tee £30, buy here

3) Choies Crop Top & Skirt £54.77, buy here

4) Evie Knight Beanie £20, buy here

5) Ever Ours Floral Dress £18, buy here ( Coming Soon)


Although this weeks Wish List  is slightly smaller than my usual one, it is by no means less amazing. Upon seeing this BEAUTIFUL top and skirt combo from Choies, it is safe to say I fell head over heels for it and can’t stop staring. I absolutely love the colour of it, and the cute embellishment just adds to it’s perfectness! This would be the perfect birthday outfit  for me ( 29th May WOO WOO), but as it’s on an American site I’d be scared that it wouldn’t arrive in time. Which is crapbags. Nevertheless, I  can’t believe how cheap the Ever Ours dress is! I have wanted a cute little floral tea dress for ages but as the ones in Topshop are £40 ish, which I simply cannot afford it, weep weep. But £18 is much more within my budget, brillllliant! The flower garland headband and pink beanie are also fabulous summer essentials that I really must get soon, and the Cara t-shirt speaks for itself. She may have been papped with a suspicious looking white powder ( naughty naughty), but I still love her!

Happy Bank Holiday guysss!

Here’s a good ole summery song to accompany my summery list ❤ love love love

xoxo T


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