Today I’m Wearing

Today I'm Wearing 20th April 13

Today I'm Wearing 20th April 13T-shirt : Bought on a train in India for £2 ABSOLUTE BARGAIN, Leggings : Black Milk; similar here, Shoes : Leather Converse buy here, Backpack : Ebay, Sunglasses : Ebay

As it’s Sunny today (YAYYY), I decided to throw on something bright and cheerful! The leggings are definitely one of my most summery items and I wear them every time the sun decides to come out ( …even if I can’t breathe in them.) I never used to be a fan of leggings but after discovering Black Milk a little over a year ago, anyone who knows me will know that I am a leggings convert. This vintage Reebok- looking t-shirt is one of my most savvy buys, being purchased for the teeny amount of £2 on a train from Varanasi to Darjeeling. Oh I do want to go back to India so badly!

As much as I would like to be enjoying the sun today, the only time I’m going to see it is on my little trip to the library to pick up some books and then my trip to Tesco to put the lottery on ( fingers crossed, ey).

Whatever you’re up to I hope you’re having a lovely day!

xoxo T


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