Today I’m Wearing

Today I'm Wearing 19-04-13

Top & Skirt : Vintage Warehouse, Boots : Topshop  £75 buy HERE

Today I'm Wearing 19-04-13

Buy  Silver Plated Lily King Necklace £8 HERE!

I am very excited to show you today’s outfit, not only because it’s my first outfit post in FOREVER, but because for once the outfit isn’t from Ebay, nor is it new. Instead it is quite the opposite.

Whilst home for Easter, I raided the airing cupboard looking for a bed sheet, but found something much more exciting which was of course this gorgeous  outfit that belonged to my mother when she was my age. I have been after a Breton style top for ages and was extremely pleased in finding this sassy little number! The outfit which consists of a top and skirt (which I have to admit – I have tied at the back to stop me looking like a sack of potatoes) is actually from Warehouse. Warehouse is typically not a place I would tend to shop in, but it seems that it certainly had some beautiful items “back in the day”. Likewise, while my mothers outfit choices now can sometimes be a little questionable ( sorry mummy, you know I love you but there definitely some kitten heels lurking in your wardrobe)  She too had some style in her younger days! I just wish that she had kept some more clothes for me to rummage through!

Although the sun is out in Liverpool today, I feel the cold a little too much to go and brave bare legs, so I decided to team the ensemble with some  black tights and my favourite Topshop boots! The outfit also goes brilliantly with my Compass necklace that I recently won from Lily King ( and absolutely love).

Lily King have some gorgeous jewellery so I do suggest you head over and check out their site. If you happen to like their things ( which I’m sure you will)  you will be happy to know that I’m running a little giveaway to win this Lily King necklace and earrings ( bleow), which you can enter HERE!

Lily King Jewellery

xoxo T


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