Splurge Vs Save 15/04/13

1) Marchesa @ Via Net-a-porter, buy here Vs Virgos Lounge, buy here.

2) Rag & Bone Via Net-a-porter, buy here Vs Miss Selfridge, buy here.

3) Black Milk Suspender Leggings, buy here Vs Romwe.co.uk, buy here.

4) Sister Jane Via Asos, buy here Vs Daisystreet.co.uk, buy here.

5) Topshop, buy here Vs Miss Selfridge, buy here.

6) American Apparel, buy here Vs Miss Selfridge, buy here.

While I should be doing some form of work, I often find myself perusing the web looking at beautiful clothes, shoes… and then some more clothes. Even though I know my bank balance won’t allow it, the websites I find myself on the most often include Net-a-porter, Browns and Matches. Now, I’m sure most of you are familiar with these websites and the sort of things they sell, but for those of you perhaps who are not, these  clothing sites contain the likes of Marchesa, Dolce & Gabanna and Burberry etc etc ( You get the idea). So as you can imagine, these clothes are way, way out of my reach. Weep weep. After feeling deflated not only about not being able to buy the clothes right now, but fearing if I’ll ever be able to buy them ( third year worries/problems), I always tend to bring myself down a notch and start looking at websites more suitable to my pitiful student lifestyle.  Topshop and Asos always tend to be at the top of my list, but today I decided to broaden the field and take a little look at what Miss Selfridge was up to. They can sometimes be a little too hippie for me ( not that I’m criticizing – the clothes are lovely but just not my style) ,  but today I was pleasantly surprised by lots and lots of fabulous pieces.

After browsing the upmarket websites a few key items stuck in my mind and when scrolling down Miss Selfridge’s site, numerous similarities jumped out at me – and were to my delight, pretty affordable! I particularly like the denim and leather jacket. While the Rag and Bone one is absolutely gorgeous, the hefty £550 price tag isn’t, so why purchase that  when Miss Selfridge have a (pretty) identical one!  I felt exactly the same when I noticed how alike the Marchesa and Virgo’s Lounge dresses were. There is hardly any difference at all- apart from the prices. Also, as Topshop stock Virgos Lounge, you could even get 10% off ( if you’re a student of course.)

So, as you can probably already gather,  I am rather delighted with the ‘Save’ finds this week and I hope you all like them too!

In other ( more boring) news, my Easter holidays have come to an end,  and now as I keep on hearing, “the hard work begins.” Sigh. While my return to Liverpool this evening means seeing my crazy little friendlings ( which I am very excited about) it also means deadlines and revision – my two not so favourite things! Yesterday was a perfect distraction from all of the exam and essay worries however, as it was my Niece Isabella’s first birthday party. It was such a lovely day and so nice to be together with all of the family before heading back up North. An outfit post with what I wore will be up soon, I promise!

Have a lovely week!

xoxo T

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Ps.  If you’re stuck at a desk trying to do some work, take a little break and have a boogie on me! ( Perhaps not if you’re at the library though…)


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