Wish List

Wish list April 9th 13

1) Topshop Dress £65, buy here.

2) Dior Natural Glow Radiant Foundation @ John Lewis £32, buy here.

3) Saint Laurent Fedora Hat @ Matches £600, buy here.

4) Black Score Queen Delevingne Tee £40, buy here.

5) Nike Air Max 1 @ Asos £97, buy here.

6) Yayer Bomber Jacket £50, buy here.

7) Topshop Heels £85, buy here.

8) Shourouk Necklace @ Matches £660, buy here.

9)Asos Dungarees £45, buy here.

Total : £1674.00! AHHHHHHHH

With loan day looming ( HOOOORAH), it’s the perfect time to get making a Wish List. I spotted this Topshop dress on the website yesterday and I am in love with it! The mixture of blue-y colours and that amazing print makes it top of my list! I even added it to my online shopping basket yesterday, knowing that I have zero £ in my bank. WHY OH WHY DO I DO IT TO MYSELF? I am also extremely lusting after a pair of Nikes. I have been wanting some for ages, but had slowly started to forget about them…until I bumped into my friend Lucy yesterday who had a beautiful green pair on – now I am desperate to get a pair again. It’s definitely time to start a Nike saving fund.

xoxo T

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