A Weekend in Wales

While a weekend in Wales may be  normal for me, this weekend was extra special as Stefan’s family – his mum, dad, sister and her boyfriend- all came down from Hertfordshire for a fun packed weekend in the Welsh Valleys!


I had been waiting for the weekend for ages as I absolutely love family gatherings, and knowing how alike our two families are, I knew we were in for a brilliant weekend. In between drinking copious amounts of wine and cosmopolitans, we managed to climb Pen y Fan mountain and explore some of what South Wales has to offer.


For those of you who don’t know a lot  about  Wales, Pen y Fan is the highest mountain peak in South Wales standing at 2,907 ft. Although that isn’t really high compared to other mountains, it was still quite a struggle! Especially as the top was covered in snow- which led to me falling over quite a few times! Stefan and I climbed Pen y fan last year, but seeing all of the Brecon Beacons covered in snow was completely different and  breathtaking! If you live near and have never climbed it – I really recommend it.


After our little climbing adventure and some ice cream from Brecon, it was back to my house where my amazing mum and step-dad set the table for fourteen of us! My mother is an amazing cook,  and prepared a three course meal for us all! The menu consisted of Tempura prawns and chicken on a bed of salad, barbecue pork ( salmon for me) with potatoes and minted peas ( my favourite) and a trio of lemon desserts to finish!



It was such an amazing weekend, but it went far too quickly!

Now with only one week left of my Easter holidays, it’s back to work work working and read read reading! So depress press pressing ( like what I did there?) Boooooo

xoxo T


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