Wish List

Wish List March 25th 2013

1) Zara Blazer £69.99, here & Trousers £35.99, here.

2) Ever Ours Moonstone Ring £6.99, here.

3) Evie Knight Sunglasses £10, here.

4) SWGNT Sweatshirt $155, here.

5) Topshop High Waist Bikini £34, here.

6) Topshop Biker Jacket £85, here.

7) Etsy Wuthering Heights Clutch $30, here.

8)Virgos Lounge Dress £49, here.

There may be snow outside but that’s not stopping me from dreaming of Summer. After browsing Topshop’s website I fell head over heels for this bikini. I absolutely love anything high waisted, so I can’t think of anything more perfect than wearing this on a beautiful white sandy beach. While I could purchase the bikini, the only place I’ll be wearing it this Summer is in the not so sunny, Wales. BOOHOO. Although I do want everything this list ( obviously, who wouldn’t?) the one item that really needs to make its way into my life is the Wuthering Heights clutch. Anyone who knows me will know that I have a slight obsession and a lot of love for the Bronte novel. So what could be better than having it as a bag? Book- style clutches have been making appearances everywhere at the moment, but the Wuthering Heights one is without a doubt my favourite.

In other news, I have now left Liverpool for a whole three weeks ( hoorah) and am currently tucked up in my own bed in the wonderful Merthyr Tydfil. It’s safe to say that I haven’t stopped raiding the fridge and despite being home for three days, I still can’t get used to how hot the house is! It’s so nice to see my family, especially my beautiful little niece Isabella but what was even nicer was my mothers Sunday dinner yesterday -even with my veggie chicken burgers instead of chicken (I’m off meat and chocolate for lent.)

Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous week! I’m counting down the days until Sunday – I might actually overdose on chocolate!

xoxo T

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