Splurge Vs Save

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s seems like it was agesssss ago since I last wrote  a Splurge Vs Save post, but if you’ve been desperately waiting for it ( which I’m sure you all have) fear not, as I’ve just written up a new one just for you lot!

If you’ve been lusting over things like denim pinafores, checkered dresses and floral trousers this week but just haven’t got the pennies, I have found some alternatives that won’t break the bank (  at least not too much anyway!)

1) Splurge : £100, buy here    VS    Save £16 + £2 p&p, buy here

2) Splurge Topshop £30, buy here       Vs       Save  DaisyStreet.co.uk£12.99, buy here

3) Splurge  Louis Vuitton VERY EXPENSIVE   Vs   Save  MeeMee.co.uk£22, buy here

4) Splurge  Asos £190, buy here    Vs   Save  Missguided.co.uk £25.99, buy here

5) Splurge  Topshop £36, buy here       Vs   Save DaisyStreet.co.uk £22,99, buy here

6) Splurge Erdem £560, buy here       Vs   Save  H& M £24.99, buy here

7) Splurge  Asos £75, buy here          Vs          Save Ebay, £24.99 + £2.99 p&p, buy here

I’ve left you with a little song today ( Girls just wanna have fun) which is appropriate because I am extremely excited about this weekends  antics and even more so because Abigail ( my bezzzie) is currently on route to Liverpool as I type up this post. HOOOOOORAH. 

Before coming to University I have to admit, I’d never really heard of St.Paddy’s day – especially celebrating it. But since moving to this fabulous City and gaining rather wonderland Irish friends ( I’m talking about you Leanne & Neil), March 17th has become the best day of the year! ( Minus Christmas and my birthday obviously.) So tomorrow is going to involve a day full of pints and drunkenness  accompanied by lots of photographs no doubt! I’m so bloody excited ahhhhhhh!

Are any of you celebrating tomorrow? If so, I hope you have a fabulous time! ( and get very drunk)

Finally, I know I pestered lots of you yesterday, but if you didn’t vote/don’t know what the hell I’m talking about : Please head over and like China Doll Boutiques Facebook page and like my outfit (here) – If I get the most likes I could the win the whole thing! Much appreciated, lots of love x

xoxo T


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