Wish List

This weeks Wish List is more wishful than ever as I’m currently LIVING ON THE BREADLINE! Well, maybe I’m being a TEENY bit dramatic, but to put it frankly I hate money ( or rather the lack of it) boooooooooo. My selection this week seems to be a kind of grunge vs girly and ALL of the clothes definitely need to be in your wardrobe, pronto. Two of the items come from a brand new online store called Evie Knight. If you haven’t been on their site before I’d really recommend it, as they have a delightful mixture of new and vintage clothes that are reasonably priced! As soon as I get some money, it’s definitely the first site I’m visiting…and then all of the other shops below. ahhhhh £$$£$£$£

Wish List 12/01/13

1)Aloha From Deer Jumper, €59 :  Buy here

2) Topshop Pink Floral Socks, £4 :  Buy here

3) Miss Selfridge Necklace, £18:  Buy here

4) Jeffrey Campbell Heels @ Yayer, £145 : Buy here

5) ♥♥Evie Knight High Waist Jeans, £40 : Buy here ♥♥

6)Charlotte Olympia Clutch @ Matches, £1,095 : Buy here

7)Evie Knight  Cupid Crop Top, £18 : Buy here

8)Topshop Lace Midi Dress, £46 : Buy here

How cute is the crop top and jeans combo? LOVE!

xoxo T



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