Wingardium Leviosa

If you follow me on Facebook, you would have already been swamped by my uploading of lots and lots of pictures regarding this post. If you don’t, then I think the title is a big giveaway. On Friday, Stefan surprised with a trip to the Warner Brother Studio’s in Watford for a tour of the Harry Potter set! We’d be wanting to go for ages and ages, and as Stef only lives 20 minutes away, he bit the bullet and booked us in!

On route there I felt like a child going on a school trip. We had made a little packed lunch of tuna pasta salad along with some snacks and in true school trip style, started tucking into the lunch before the tour had even started! After queing for 20 minutes amongst copius amounts of children, the doors opened and we went in!

We firstly watched a short little clip of Harry, Ron and Hermione talking about the making of the films and the set etc ( actually pretty interesting) and then were led into the great hall, which was filled with costumes, cutlery, and candles. A tour man told us some facts and then we were allowed to wander around on our own. We saw the gates, the common room, Hagrids house and so many other wonderful things.

It was so surreal seeing everything ( I think the great hall was my fave) but as much as I absolutely loved it, it also made me feel a tiny bit depressed. Firstly, because it made me realise IT’S NOT REAL ahhhhhh and secondly, because it’s all over. Boohooooo.

We also tried some Butterbeer, which was actually quite yummy ( in moderation)!

If you are a Harry Potter lover and haven’t been yet, I would 100% recommend it. YOU JUST HAVE TO GO! I really wanted to purchased a robe, but they were like 80 QUID! Insane.

Harry Potter Warner Brother Studios

Harry Potter Warner Brother Studios

Harry Potter Warner Brother Studios

Harry Potter Warner Brother Studios

There are more pictures to follow, but I’m still at Stefans at forgot to bring my camera lead!I hope you’re all having a civil Monday so far. I’m currently trying to do some coursework that’s in for Friday ( yawn) but keep getting distracted at my excitement for the weekend – a visit from Abigail ( postponed from last weekend), AND ST.PADDYS DAY  ON SUNDAY WOOOOO

xoxo T

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