Model Behavior

It’s time to see what our favourite models have been up to this week…

1) Burberry unveils new campaign with the amazing Cara Delevingne.

Cara Delevigne for Burberry March 2013

I was delighted to wake up this morning to Cara’s beautiful face all over my Twitter and Facebook. The reason being her new Ad for Burberry. Once again she is looking gorgeous in the iconic trench. Burberry always manage to get it right with these Ad’s, making Cara look so so dreamy.

Cara Delevingne Burberry March 2013

What do you think of the newΒ campaign? Are you loving it as much as me?

2) Miranda Kerr on Good Morning America

Miranda Kerr Good Morning America 2013

Miranda was on the show promoting the new Victoria Secret bra ( which she said she was wearing). But let’s be honest, does anyone care about the bra? I certainly don’t. I’m much more concerned with the glossy hair, the glowing face and her AMAZING figure. I’m also in love with the dress she’s wearing, it looks fabbbbbbulous. How does she do it?

Miranda Kerr Good Morning America Feb 2013

3) Alessandra Ambrosio atΒ Cavalia’s Odysseo opening in Burbank ( with her daughter – SO CUTE)

Alessandra Ambrosio Cavalia's Odysseo in Burbank

Another Victoria’s Secret model who pulls off casual chic perfectly. How can she be 31, have a child AND STILL LOOK THIS DAMN GOOD? Her daughter is literally the cutest little thing ever. I can only image what she is going to look like when she’s older…sigh

Alessandra Ambrosio.jpg 2

4) Yes, it’s back to Cara spotted in Paris this week.

Cara Delevigne Paris Chanel Trainers

So we’ve just seen her in the Burberry ad looking FABULOUS! – and now as this picture proves, she’s just as hot when she’s not doing anything. The main reason I included this photo is because I really want those Chanel trainers. HOW COOL ARE THEY? I think I’m becoming a little obsessed with Cara. But I’m not the only one,right?

Cara Delevingne Paris

On a different note, I would like to wish you all a HAPPY ST.DAVIDS DAY! ( Patron Saint of Wales). I shall be celebrating it tonight ( kind of) as it’s my friend Petes 21st Birthday party! His birthday was actually in January but because of exams and whatnot it was post poned until today, so I’m very excited to get the celebrations underway. I’m also EXTRA excited because my bestest friend Abigal is travelling up from Wales to Liverpool to partyyyy. WOO WOO

xoxo T

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