Wish List

Yep, as the title suggests, it’s that time of week again for my favourite type of list. The WISH LIST! WOOOHOOOOOOO. This weeks list is a mixture of florals and pastels and prints and extra beautiful things! My favourite is definitely the Topshop dress ( Number 6). How amazing is it? I need somewhere nice to go so I’ve got an excuse to buy it. Any offers greatly appreciated.

Wish List

1) Asos T-shirt, £18. Buy here

2) Ann Lou of London Earings, £35. Buy here

3) Topshop Pinafore, £40. Buy here

4) Nasty Gal Trainers, £41.30. Buy here

5) New Look Necklace, £8.99. Buy here

6) Topshop Dress, £58. Buy here

7) Missguided Skirt, £29.99, Buy here 

8) Nasty Gal Dress, £36.85. Buy here

9) Asos Dress, £38. Buy here

10) Nasty Gal Boots, £44.48. Buy here

Wish List Total : £350.61!
Golly gosh. I really need to win the lottery some time soon. Very soon.

xoxo T


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