What I’m Wearing

Today’s outfit hails solely (minus the boots) from the wonderful shop that is Primark, or as I like to call it, Primarni. I go through phases with Primark. Sometimes I absolutely love it and other times, I can’t bare to step foot in there. I just can’t deal with pushing past masses of people and the always  ENORMOUS queues. The skirt was purchased just before Christmas for £8 and the delightful little shirt came into my possession yesterday. Much to my delight, my friend Sophie purchased this shirt yesterday for the absolute bargain price of £2 (reduced from £10!) Brilliant, right?  If you too want to purchase this fabulous find, I am warning you…BE CAREFUL. There is most definitely a confusion/mishap with the sizes. This shirt is labelled a size 12, but I’d say it is much more like a size 6-8. This is probably the reason why there were masses of them on the rails… but I’m not complaining – THANK YOU SOPHIE, YOU DA BESTTTTT!


Shirt : Primark, Skirt : Primark, Boots : Topshop


I hope everyone is having a lovely day filled with lots and lots of delicious pancakes! I practically ran home from my lecture earlier to devour a chocolate one…IT WAS AMAZING!

yum yum yum

xoxo T



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