What I’m Wearing

Hello Hello Hello.

Firstly, I hope you’re all having a lovely day. Secondly, WHAT IS THIS WEATHER? Pre my outfit photo the weather was chilly, but with a beautiful blue sky. Inspired by this, I put on my floral shirt and yellow trousers, a change to my usual dark attire.I headed into Uni to watch ‘ A Farewell to Arms’ ( Loved the book, the film on the other hand, CHEESEY) and when I came back outside the heavens had literally opened. After Cycling to the library first and then home, only two words can describe what I looked like…. drowned rat. (hence the half face photo) However, being the lazy person I am instead of changing, I stood drying myself with a hairdryer  – it worked a treat.

Shirt : Primark, Necklace : Vintage, Trousers : Topshop, Boots : Topshop

I purchased these lovely trousers two summers ago from Topshop for £32 ( around that price anyway). I have to admit that I hardly get any wear out of them, but after seeing that ‘the trouser’ has made a return, these are definitely something I’m going to try and wear more often.

Taylor Janway 7/2/13

I purchased the shirt just before Christmas for my work experience at Woman, and I don’t think I’ve stopped wearing it. The colours on it are SO pretty, and guess how much it cost? £5! Bargain.

xoxo T


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