Velvet Nails

Although I’m not much of a nail varnish fiend ( unlike my friend Sophie who has a gazillion colours), I do like to try the different types of varnish that have been brought out. I had to try the Nails Inc Concrete when I was on work experience, and I absolutely loved it. It went on easily and actually did look like concrete ( in a good way). I am also extremely keen to try the leather one, but as it’s always sold out, I think it’s wishful thinking. When it comes to velvet nails however, I am a little skeptical. There is no denying that I am big fan of velvet ; velvet dresses, velvet shoes, velvet tops…but velvet nails? I just don’t know.

Although this colour is gorgeous,  I can’t help but imagine I’d be playing with them all the time and then the “velvet” would fall off.

MUA Velvet Nails

MUA Velvet Nails

MUA Velvet Nails

MUA Velvet Nails

As they only cost £3, it’s definitely something I am going to try – Hopefully I will be back soon with a little review!

MUA furry nails can usually be purchased from : & Superdrug stores.

What do you think? Have any of you tried it already?

Happy Monday

xoxo T


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