Spring with Saint Laurent

Contrary to popular belief of Spring being a chance to start wearing your bright summery clothes again, it seems that this Spring, for designer labels at least, its time to go straight back to the dark stuff.

Saint Laurent debuted the collection in October, but if you haven’t had a chance to see the type of things we should be wearing this Spring, then look no further!

The collection was formed of black skinny trousers with contrasting white shirts, big hats, big bows andย definite elements of Rock N Roll!

I am a big fan of dark clothing and for some strange reason if you were to look through my wardrobe you’d be likely to find blacks and greys and lots of darks ( excluding my world map black milks of course hooorah). So I am very much lookingย forwardย to this type of fashion in Spring.

Hopefully the high street will provide us with some fabulous alternatives!


Loveee this outfit below!


Recognize this little number? (Rosie, Golden Globes)




Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

xoxo T


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