Krappy Kardashian Kollection



When I first heard the Kardashians were releasing a clothing line in the UK, I was rather excited.  Like most of you out there, Keeping up with the Kardashians is one of my guilty pleasures. However, when I realized the clothing line was going to be released in Dorothy Perkins, my heart sank. Dorothy Perkins never has been nor do I believe ever will be one of the more fashion conscious high street stores, and it’s definitely not one  I head to when I go shopping. I’d say it’s for a more mature woman and to use the words of my friend Scarlett , “It’s a granny shop.”  The clothes definitely reflect this notion, which is why I am very disappointed. Kim, Kourtney ( my fave) and Khloe  always look relatively nice – and I certainly don’t think they would be seen dead in half of these clothes.

Kardashian gold sequin dress £40

Kardashian gold pleat dress £40

Kardashian green bow dress £38 – Really guys, what is this?

Kardashian gold sequin shift £40

Those are a  just few of the many that really made me think, GOD LORD. Seriously, who is going to wear these? If you’re reading this and think that some of these are actually wearable,  no. Just no.

The accessories on other hand, I rather liked.

Kardashian blush small tote £45

Kardashian purple sequin clutch £30

Kardashian black box clutch £30

I am being slightly over the top and some of the collection is actually quite nice. But I think they could have done a better job.

xoxo T


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