Sorry about my delay in blogging. I have been wrapped up in bed for  most of the week with the flu. A really bad flu that seems to be refusing to leave my body. The worst thing is that its spread around my house, so it’s probably just going to keep going around in circles ARGHH. Luckily however, I have a week off Uni next week to recover!

Anyway after much demand ( by much demand I mean a request from my friend Leanne to write a blog so she can avoid revision) I have decided to blog today. I’ve decided to write about something that I haven’t written about in a while which is of course, SHOEEEESSS! They are certainly an item that cheer me up, and browsing the internet from my sick bed looking at all these beautiful heels has made me feel a tiny winy bit better.

Although I have never bought a pair of shoes from NASTYGAL – all of my selection today are from there > If you have never been on the website before I urge you to go look NOW! They have a mixture of vintage and new clothing along with amazing heels including shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. I have to admit the shoes are pretty pricey, but with christmas coming up they’re the perfect thing to add to your list!

Nasty Gal Lita Jeweled Platform Boot £130.59 ❤❤ faves

Nasty Gal Cuffed Spike Platform £129.35

Nasty Gal Lita Platform Boot – Wine Velvet £100.74

Nasty Gal Eva Platform Pump £115.04

Nasty Gal Lexa Platform Pump – Cobalt £36.07

Nasty Gal Lita Claw Platform Boot £103.83

Nasty Gal Vivian Platform – Red £54.72

Nasty Gal Lita Heelcap Platform Boot £143.03

Hope you like them as much as meee!

xoxo T


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