Halloween Inspired Fashion At Topshop

Halloween is without doubt my favourite festivity of the year ( next to Christmas of course.) It’s an excuse to dress as scary and as ugly as possible, and whats better than that? What halloween also means however  is dark, grungey colours and outfits, all of which I absolutely love.  Imagine my joy when scrolling through Topshop’s new in section to find nearly every items of clothing has elements of Halloween in it. From grungey lace, to wine coloured lipstick and prints of cats and skeletons. As Halloween is fast approaching I thought I’d share with you my favourite Halloween inspired clothing from Topshop.

I’ll start with my favourite. I have been wanting a body for a while, and as soon as I saw this I fell in love.

Topshop Baroque embroided body £35

Topshop Moto burgundy coated hotpants £32

Topshop Skelenton roll back tee £20

Topshop Embellished Panel Cami £26

Topshop Gothic Cat Tee £20

Topshop Strappy lace vintage slip £38 – love love love

Topshop Lips in wicked £9

I hope you like them!

Also, if any of you have some wonderful Halloween costume suggestions, please share them with me, as my friends and I are struggling to come  up with ideas!

xoxo T

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