Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

It has been a short while since my last blog post all due to my moving back to Liverpool – FOR MY FINAL YEAR! I have now settled in, sorted my room out, ordered the books I need for my course and am ready to get back to blogging!

I forgot how big the house was until moving back, and as much as I love it, I also HATE it because it is so bloody cold. When signing the contract to the house it is safe to say we completely forgot to take in account that bills are going to be PRETTY expensive, considering the size of it. Nonetheless, we are all having fun wearing as many layers as we can and drinking copious amounts of tea.

We had a our first night out on Tuesday which was fun fun fun. We went to a club called ‘Bumper’ which is one of my favourite clubs in Liverpool. We all got really drunk and has a great time – minus the fact I left my bag in the club,which contained my keys. This resulted in me being locked out of my room all night and for the majority of Wednesday. However, being the lucky person I am ( touch wood) my friend Leanne called into the club on the way to town and lo and behold my bag was there – with keys, my ID AND EVEN MONEY!

I wore my American Apparel dress out which I absolutely love!

Even though I have Friday’s off, I now have to get back to doing some reading – not that I’m complaining though, as one of my modules this semester is Children’s Literature, meaning I have to read Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Matilda etc etc. Very very exciting!

xoxo T


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