What I’m Wearing

Another day of lazing around the house for me, paired with some reading for Uni (of which I’m finding it hard to concentrate, so god help me when I am back in Uni next week).

It could have been a day of PJ’s for me but as I’m going to see my father later I decided to get dressed. – However, I did manage to wangle some pajama wear into my outfit.

Gathering dust in my PJ drawer was this minnie mouse nighty that I bought years and years ago in Euro Disney! I forgot how much I used to love it and after trying it on again, I thought it would look perfect with my fake disco pants! It’s extremely comfy and the length covers the hole in my bum which is even better!


Some purchases that arrived that for me today that I am extremely excited about :



Both are from Ebay ( I’m slightly obsessed) and were bargains!…Creepers – £20, Bindis – £2! Although I do feel silly buying bindis that are made in India when I’ve only just returned from there myself ! But they are going to look fabulous on nights out when I get back to Liverpool!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!


xoxo T


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